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How Corsava Cloud Works


Complete a Corsava Card Sort

Students discover their deeper college preferences

  • Counselor assigns sort for 1-1000+ students with one link or personal invitation
  • On average, the sorting activity takes a student 15 minutes to complete
  • Engage students in a fun and gamified experience
  • Students reimagine and expand their college options
Card Sort

Review and Share the Report

Engage students quickly and streamline meetings

  • A report summarizing the student’s preferences automatically generates after a card sort
  • Students and counselors can access the report from their Corsava account and share it with families and mentors
  • Students get more out of college visits, fairs, and interviews
  • Counselors add notes to share with student or keep private
  • Get everyone on the same page early
Corsava Report

Build a College List

Student preferences help shape a list quickly

  • To build a list, use the report to pinpoint student preferences
  • Students and counselors add their college list on Corsava Cloud
  • Counselors access Corsava Café to research, share impressions and resources
Build College List

Track College Impressions

Students get clarity about the colleges on their list

  • Students’ top preferences (Must Have and Would Be Nice) automatically load in a fun card sort
  • Students enter their impressions about each college on their list and automatically see an overall impression score when complete
  • Students add shared or private notes to track college details
  • Counselors can view student impressions in real time
College Notebook

Refine College List

Fine-tune final college list based on students’ deeper preferences

  • Research aspects of college students hadn’t considered but matter most
  • Explore individual college attributes that lead to student success
  • Student essays reflect more targeted reasons why the college is a great fit
  • Scholarship opportunities arise by targeting student interests

Make Final College Choices

Students make more informed final decisions

  • Students have more clarity when comparing and selecting colleges
  • Counselors, students, and families have definitive talking points
  • Students attend college admit days with specifics to evaluate
Impression Scores