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Better college fit. Less time, more fun.

Get to the heart of what's truly important to students, while making the college selection process fun and impactful for everyone. Corsava’s tools help counselors identify colleges where their students will thrive and graduate. Our growing community of counselors supports one another by sharing trustworthy knowledge on a platform easily accessible in real time, anywhere.

A new way to engage students

The benefits of Corsava

Breaks the ice and saves time

Jump-start your counseling process by using Corsava to quickly understand your students’ deeper preferences.

Positive interactions

Get everyone—counselors, students, parents, and mentors—on the same page early.

Student success

Make it fun and help students discover colleges where they will thrive and graduate.

Stay current

Interact with fellow counselors and share college impressions and feedback.

Meet Corsava

Meet Corsava

Corsava Cards

Designed over ten years ago, these hard-copy cards are used one on one by counselors to explore various aspects of college that students may never have considered yet are essential to their success. These are a great solution for students with alternative learning styles.

Corsava Cloud

A fun way to engage students online, helping them look beyond standard selection criteria to discover deeper preferences—what matters most—as they explore college options


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